Received this letter the other day. Great story about a former runner.


Last week I found an awesome horse that you may have heard of. My step daughter has been in love with horses since she could talk and let her mom know. I was working and had some down time at the fire house in Fairfax County and surfing the web. That is where I found Leslie Mintz. She had a horse and was searching for a good/loving home for him.

We went to meet “Romeo,” as he is now named, and fell in love with him. He’s a giant sweetheart. Two days later we took our daughter to meet what was to be her 13th birthday present. She fell in love with Romeo as we all have. He’s now living in Shenandoah County, Virginia with several other pasture buddies. He will be cherished for the rest of his life.

He always wants to be close to us when we are at his farm. He gets along very well with everyone there. When people see him for the first time they can’t believe how Great he is – such a kind and gentle giant. Our whole family has fallen head over heels for Romeo.

Hopefully you will remember him and know that he is in the best place he could be!

When Romeo was with you, he had a little longer name – Love On A Wire.

Best regards,

Michael Nelson

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