Second Careers

Tim and Rumsey have developed a successful business retraining horses from the track. Rumsey grew up riding and learned eventing from her mother, Trish Gilbert. The lessons have come in handy as she's developed her "back from the track" program at their Sandy Spring farm.


Marshal Pat: Named for Tim's brother Pat, Marshal Pat quickly became one of the favorites at the barn because of his personality, good looks and lovely way of moving. Marshal won three races on the grass before he bowed a tendon. Tim gave him a year off and when he realized he wouldn't make it back to the races at the same level, he sent him to Rumsey's barn. Marshal was a natural jumper and soon found a home as a hunter/jumper with the Krohms in Westminster, Md.


Horton Who: After breaking his maiden for $18,500, Horton developed a chip in his right knee and was sent to the clinic to have it removed. Not wanting to risk injuring him again, his owners at the time, Bill and Phyliss Dixon, opted to send him to Rumsey for retraining as an event horse. After Rumsey took him to many top placings at the Intermediate level while working with Olympic Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton, he was later sold to Dutton's longtime client Nina Gardner for Phllip to ride.


Strike Zone: Richard Hoffberger bought Striker later in his career and Tim won four races with him, from allowance to high-level claimers. At times Striker was a little difficult with behavior, but his good looks and flashy style won over Rumsey and at the age of 9 he was moved into her barn. Also a natural jumper and a real competitor, he took right to the change of lifestyle at the farm and in the show ring.


Gaelic Marriage: After breaking his leg as a 2-year-old, working in the morning, Tim was given two options by the owner. Put him down or take him to Gary and Shawna Spurlock for surgery – and pay for the himself, to save his life. The Spurlocks did a marvelous job screwing his leg back together. He went straight to Rumsey. He placed fourth in a CC1* and moved to Intermediate before he was sold to an event rider in Montana. She was looking for her first Preliminary horse. She ended this past year as the Champion Advanced Level Adult Amateur Rider with him. He was one of Rumsey's favorites because what he lacked in big flashy movement and presence, he made up for in his heart, work ethic and keen jumping style.

Well Aimed: A Ron Cartwright-trained horse owned by the Werth Brothers. He was a hard horse to train, he was very strong to gallop at the track. He had to have a sympathetic ride to get him to keep thinking about his work to relax. Galloping the oval was not tasking his mind so he wanted to do it in a hurry everyday if possible. He was a worrier if not told exactly what to do every minute but he knew what do to on cross country. After getting to be a solid Preliminary event horse, he went to a young rider in Texas looking for her first young rider horse. He was her Christmas present.

Candycane Rain: A horse from trainer Greg Wilson. He had a few chips in his ankle removed before starting his new career. He made it to Preliminary level when he was sold to a young rider in Texas to be her first horse. He took her to the Intermediate level and many year-end young rider awards.

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